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Here are some tips about creating depth with reverb from @proaudiofiles. Check it out and #FlexYourLex.

Jul 20, 2015replyretweetfavorite

@ShanaHalligan Congrats @ShanaHalligan and Eric! We are thrilled for you both.

Jul 17, 2015replyretweetfavorite

RT @Jim_DeSalvo: Lexicon Pro reverbs and fx here at Beanstudio. They ROCK!

Jul 17, 2015replyretweetfavorite

RT @lethirdfloor: Production Logic @solidstatelogic @rodemics @KorgUK @TaylorGuitars @lexiconpro.....@lethirdfloor studio is on fire! http:…

Jul 15, 2015replyretweetfavorite

We're at legendary London Bridge Studios for the Harman Professional "From Mic to Mixdown" event. So many...

Jul 14, 2015replyretweetfavorite

RT @LSAOnline: New Talent, New Sounds: Composer Adam Hochstatter and Harman's Lexicon PCM92 @lexiconpro @AdamHochsta…

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